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Catchment Area For Indirapuram Wellness Center To Be Started On 15.10.2015

F. No. 20-40/2012-C&P/CGHS/Pt.I/ 8476-90
Government of India
Office of the Additional Director (HQ)
Central Government Health Scheme
Sec — 12, R. K. Puram, New Delhi.
Date:- 07-10-2015
It has been decided to bring the following areas under the jurisdiction of Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS). The Central Government Employees/Pensioners residing in these areas are now entitled to receive medical benefits from the CGHS Dispensary Indirapuram from the date of issue of this circular.

(Dr. D.C. Joshi)
Director, CGHSSigned copy-

58th Annual Meeting of MC of DCMAF

No.F —192/Vol-VI/DCMAF
Defence Civilians Medical Aid Fund (DCMAF)
Ministry of Defence
Room No. PC – 1, B-Block
Dalhousie Road, New Delhi-110011
30 Sept 2015
Heads of All Defence Units/Estts
All Labour Welfare Commissioners
1. The 58th Annual meeting of the Managing Committee of Defence Civilians Medical Aid Fund (DCMAF) was held on 21st Sept 2015 under the Chairmanship of the Addl Secretary (J).
2. The following decisions were taken in the meeting:-
(i) Full Service Members of the Fund will have to complete minimum 1 year membership period for eligibility of financial assistance. The period of 1 year will be counted from the date on which the requisite subscription is paid to the Office of DCMAF.
(ii) Nutritious dietary allowance to Lactating female members and spouses of the male members will be given to only member employees drawing salary in Pay Band-1. Application in this regard shall be made by the members in the revised Form No. SD. A copy of the Form is enclosed.
3. The above provisions will be effective for compliance from 15th October 2015.
4. It is requested that the contents of this letter may please be widely disseminated for information of all members/employees under your administrative jurisdiction.
source -

A letter to the PM -One Rank One Pension – By Shalini.

Dear Mr.Prime Minister,
For Your Information Sir.
A war widow at the age of 78 has to walk 18 km every month to collect her martyr husband’s pension of Rs .13/- (Rupees Thirteen only). The Freedom Fighters of Colonial India and their widows get a better pension than what is given to the Retired Military population. Even the laborers could get their daily wages hiked with time but the war widow stands where her husband left her. Have we lost all dignity, sense of respect and basic common sense for humanity? Where are we? Rs 13/- as monthly pension and a Kg of onion, Rs 50/-. For God’s sake……. Do we still need to talk ?

Extension of CSD Canteen Facilities to retired Defence Civilians


No. AN/VII/7063/CSD/Misc
Dated: 20.10.2015


All PCsDA/PCA(Fys) Kolkata, CsDA
(Through CGDA website)

Subject: Extension of CSD Canteen Facilities to retired Defence Civilians

Reference : This office letter of even No. dated 21.08.2015.

In continuation of the above, the following clarification on some of the common points raised in various representations received in this office is as under:

Sl. No.

Common Points raised in the representations



Whether the retired employees of the Defence Accounts Department are eligible for the C.S.D Canteen facility as the orders from the DDGCS does not explicitly say so.

Yes. The retried employees of the Defence Accounts Department are eligible for C.S.D Canteen Facility.


Whether the DAD Pensioners can get the application forms authenticated only from the office from which they have retired.

The authentication of the application forms may be carried out by the nearest Controller, under the jurisdiction, the pensioner is currently residing or the application is made. Also, the nominated Officers are directed to authenticate/countersign the application forms of any DAD pensioner, if the application is submitted to him/her. The authentication is to be carried out, based on submission of the documents as required by the Canteen authorities.


What is termed as ‘Govt Order for Retirement?

The Part II. Officer Order issued by the Controllers in respect of the retiring employee will suffice the requirement.


The said order does not speak about the eligibility of the Family Pensioners.

Whether the same are eligible for the C.S.D Canteen Facilities?

The extension of CSD Canteen Facilities to the Family Pensioners is implied as the QMG branch letter dated 12.08.2015 does not make any distinction between the Retired Defence Civilian Employees and Family Pensioners. The term DAD Pensioners includes also, as they are drawing pension authorized by PCDA(P) Allahabad. 
(Mustaq Ahmad)

7th Pay Commission & Employee News Center: Seventh Pay Commission Likely To Reduce Pay Ratio ...

7th Pay Commission & Employee News Center: Seventh Pay Commission Likely To Reduce Pay Ratio ...: New Delhi: Seventh Pay Commission is likely to recommend to reduce pay ratio from 1:12 to 1:9 for the bottom grades employees and higher r...

रक्षा यात्रा प्रणाली पर रेलगाड़ी के लिए बुक की गई आई-टिकट को लेने के लिए रक्षा कर्मियों के लिए बेहतर सुविधाएं होंगी Defence Personnel will have better facility for collection of Train I-Tickets Booked on Defence Travel System

रक्षा कर्मी किसी भी पीआरएस काउंटर से रक्षा यात्रा प्रणाली पर बुक की गई आई-टिकटों को ले सकते हैं 

भारतीय रेलवे की रक्षा यात्रा प्रणाली पर रक्षा कर्मियों द्वारा बुक कराई गई आई-टिकट को लेने के लिए, भारतीय रेलवे ने अब अपने किसी भी कंप्‍यूटरीकृत यात्री आरक्षण प्रणाली (पीआरएस) काउंटर से बुक की गई आई-टिकटों को लेना आसान बना दिया है। पहले, रक्षा कर्मी आई-टिकटें सिर्फ यात्रा प्रारंभ होने वाले स्टेशन से ही प्राप्‍त कर सकते थे। अब इसे ज्‍यादा सुविधाजनक बना दिया गया है और ये देश में किसी भी पीआरएस काउंटर से लिए जा सकते हैं। हालांकि आई-टिकट का प्रिंट सिर्फ एक ही बार लिया जा सकता है। यह उदारीकृत सुविधा रक्षा कर्मियों की मदद की दिशा में बड़ा कदम सिद्ध होगा।

रक्षा वारंट प्रणाली के तहत भारतीय रेलवे ने 2009 में आईआरसीटीसी के ई-टिकटिंग पर रक्षा यात्रा प्रणाली शुरू की थी। अब ई-टिकट पर यात्रा के लिए निर्धारित पहचान के दस साक्ष्यों में से किसी एक को दिखाने पर रक्षा कर्मी किसी भी पीआरएस काउंटर से आई-टिकट प्राप्त कर सकते हैं। रक्षा कर्मियों की ओर से किसी अन्‍य व्‍यक्ति को टिकट लेने के लिए भेजने पर, उसे पहचान के दस निर्धारित साक्ष्‍यों में से किसी एक साक्ष्‍य की मूल प्रति के साथ टिकटधारक रक्षा कर्मी की पहचान की प्रतिलिपि भी भेजनी होगी। रेलवे ने रेलवे काउंटर से आई-टिकट लेते समय रक्षा कर्मी द्वारा भरी जाने वाली रसीद का प्रारूप भी जारी किया है। जिसमें रक्षा यात्रा प्रणाली पर पीएनआर नंबर और ट्रांसेक्‍शन आईडी जैसे संबंधित अन्य तथ्‍यों के विवरण का उल्लेख करना होगा।

रेलवे ने रक्षा कर्मियों के लिए आई-टिकट की बुकिंग में आने वाली अन्‍य समस्याओं को भी कम करने की दिशा में कदम उठाए हैं। जैसेकि पूरी तरह से प्रतीक्षारत ई-टिकटों का स्‍वत: रद्द होना, आरक्षण बुकिंग के पहले तीस मिनट के दौरान रक्षा यात्रा प्रणाली पर टिकटों की बुकिंग की अनुमति देना। 

I-Tickets on Defence Travel System can be Collected at any PRS Counter by Defence Personnel

For hassle-free collection of i- tickets by Defence Personnel booked on the Defence Travel System on Indian Railways, the Indian Railways now affords the facility of collection of the booked i-tickets from any Computerized Passenger Reservation System (PRS) counter of Indian Railways. Earlier, the i-tickets could be collected by the Defence Personnel at the journey originating station only. Now it has been liberalized and it can be collected from anyPRS counter in the country. However, the i-tickets can be printed only once. This liberalized facility will be a big help to defence personnel.

With a view to phase out the Defence Warrant System, the Indian Railways commenced the Defence Travel System on its e- ticketing portal of IRCTC in 2009. The i-ticket now can be collected from any PRS counter by the defence personnel on showing one of the ten prescribed proofs of identity allowed for undertaking journeys on e-tickets. If some other person collects the tickets on behalf of the defence personnel, then he/she must produce any of the ten prescribed proofs of identity in original along with photocopy of the ticket-holding defence personnel.

The Railways has also issued format of receipt to be given by the Defence Personnel while collecting the i-ticket from the Railway counter which specifies inter alia details such as PNR Number and Transaction ID on Defence Travel System.

The Railway has also mitigated certain other problems encountered in booking of i-tickets for the Defence Personnel through facilities like auto cancellation of fully waitlisted e-tickets, allowing of booking of tickets on defence travel system during first thirty minutes of opening of reservation disallowed for all other ticketing agents.

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Maharashtra and Gujarat Naval Areas Divided into two Separate Headquarters

RADM S N Ghormade, Takes over as Flag Officer Commanding Maharashtra Area 

With a view to enhance operational and administrative organizational structure, the erstwhile Maharashtra and Gujarat Naval Area has been divided to make two separate headquarters under Flag Officer Maharashtra Area and Flag Officer Gujarat Naval Area. The division of the Naval Areas was marked by Rear Admiral Satish Namdeo Ghormade, assuming of charge of Flag Officer Maharashtra Area from Rear Admiral Murlidhar Sadashiv Pawar this morning. Rear Admiral Murlidhar Sadashiv Pawar will officiate as Flag Officer Gujarat Naval Area. 

Rear Admiral SN Ghormade was commissioned into theIndian Navy on 01 Jan 1984. He is a graduate of National Defence Acedamy (NDA),Khadakwasla, United States Naval Staff Collage at Naval War Collage, Newport,Rhode Island and the Naval War Collage, Mumbai. In addition to a specializationin Navigation and Direction within the Navy, the officer holds a Master Degreein Personnel Management from Symbosis Institute of Business Management(University of Pune), M Phil in Defence and Strategic Studies from Universityof Madras. 

During his career spanning over 31 years, he hasbeen through a myriad of operational and staff appointments. His operationalappointments include commands of the Guided Missile Frigate INS Brahmaputra,Submarine Rescue Vessel INS Nireekshak, and Minesweeper INS Allepey and secondin Command Guided Missile Frigate INS Ganga. His important staff appointmentsashore include Assistant Chief of Personnel (Human Resource Development),Principal Director of Personnel, Director Naval Plans and Joint Director NavalPlans at Naval Headquarters as separate assignments, Director (MilitaryAffairs) at the Ministry of External Affairs, Local Work Up Team (West),Instructor at Navigation Direction School and National Defence Academy. Uponpromotion to the Flag Rank in 2012, the officer assumed the appointment ofAssistant Chief of Personnel (HRD) and prior to this held the appointment ofFlag Officer Commanding Karnataka Naval Area. 

The officer is the recipient of the Nau Sena Medal in 2007 by the President of India and Commendation by Chief of Naval Staff in 2000.

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7th Pay Commission & Employee News Center: Seventh Pay Commission, OROP Will Not Impact Fisca...

7th Pay Commission & Employee News Center: Seventh Pay Commission, OROP Will Not Impact Fisca...: NEW DELHI: Increase in salary bill due to Seventh Pay Commission and Implementation of One Rank One Pension (OROP) will not strain governmen...

7th Pay Commission & Employee News Center: Revising Retirement age does not come under the pu...

7th Pay Commission & Employee News Center: Revising Retirement age does not come under the pu...: Recently the news about retirement age is blown out of proportion in Social Media. In Social Media it has been signaled casually that the re...

Writing and Maintenance of APAR.

Office of the Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Central Command)

Cariappa Road,

Cantt., Lucknow, Pin Code -226002


Date: 09.10.2015


All sub- offices under PCDA (CC) Lucknow

All sections in Main Office

Sub: Writing and Maintenance of APAR.

Consequent upon introduction of numerical grading, the revised guidelines on writing and maintenance ofconfidential reports circulated vide HQrs office letter No. AN/X111/13128/ APAR/2010-11 dated 26.05.2014.

2. However, it is noticed that the guidelines/instructions are not being followed by Reporting, Reviewing and Accepting officers resulting in finalization of APARs in a flawed manner adversely affecting the promotional and other aspects of the concerned officers. Since it concerns the career development and advancement of our personnel, it is incumbent upon all the officers to bestow their personal care and attention in each and every report that comes under their consideration/responsibility so that the staff/officers reported upon do not feel disappointed and let down.

3. Accordingly it is enjoined upon all the concerned, that the guidelines/instructions issued on the subject may be strictly adhered to, in letter and spirit. A copy of guidelines and instructions is enclosed.



xii The Government servant (officer reported upon) shall be given the opportunity to make any representation against the entries and final grading in APAR, within fifteen days from the date of receipt of the entries in the APAR.

xiii. While communicating the entries APAR, it shall be made clear that in case no representation is received within the fifteen days, it shall be deemed that he/she has no representation to make and the APAR will be treated as final.

xiv. If an employee is to be considered for promotion in a future DPC and his ACRs prior to the period 2008-09, which would be reckonable for assessment of his fitness in such future DPCs contain final grading which are below benchmark for his next promotion, before such ACRs are placed before the UPC, the concerned employee will be given a copy of the relevant ACR for his representation, if any and such representation will be considered by the competent authority, and pass order on said representation.

iv. The representation against entries and final grading in APAR would lie to the next superior officer above the accepting officer.

xvi. The AN sections of Main Office shall continue to be responsible for obtaining remarks of the Reporting, Reviewing and Accepting officers on the representations preferred against the entries and final grading in APAR and process them for consideration by the designated officer as per the statement enclosed.

xvii. The decision on representation may be taken objectively in a quasi-judicial manner on the basis of material placed before it, after taking into account the views of the concerned Reporting! reviewing Officers, if they are still in service. The competent authority after due consideration may reject the representation or may accept and modify the APAR accordingly. In case of up-gradation of the final grading given in the APAR, specific reasons therefor may also be given in the order of the competent authority.

xviii. It is reiterated that proper disposal of representation in a quasi-judicial manner as outlined in this Department‘s OM dated 13.04.2010 is mandatory before the under consideration ACR/APAR may be placed/considered before/by the DPC.

xix. In case the representation against entries/grading in APAR is to be considered in this Hqrs office, it may be ensured that all relevant documents (e.g.. copies of APAR, comments of Reporting/ Reviewing/ Accepting officer etc.) may invariably be enclosed with the representation.

xx. A second representation is not provided after the first representation against the entries in APAR has already been disposed of by the competent authority. However, this does not affect the memorial to the President that may be made as per existing instructions if any adverse remarks are subsisting after the decision of the competent authority.


xxi. The column provided for irregularity/ punctuality in attendance in the APAR may be filled as per assessment by reporting and reviewing officers and as per the existing provisions the Accepting Officer may exercise its discretion and award overall grading accordingly in terms of Para 215, OM Part-1 and Hqrs Office No. AN/XIII/13128(652)/Vol.XI/Amend OM-1 dated 10.01.2006.

xxii. The remarks against the integrity column shall be made by the reporting officer as per the instruction issued under GI MHA OM No. 51/4/64-Estt (A) dated 21.06.1965 and DOPT O.M. No.. 51/5/72-Estt.‘A’ dated 20.05.1972. Generally, the integrity column may be remarked as one of the three options mentioned below
i Beyond doubt

ii Since the integrity of the officer is doubtful. a secret note is attached

iii Not watched the officer’s work for sufficient time to form a definite judgement but nothing adverse has been reported to me about the officer.

xxiii. All the Govt. orders/instructions on preparation, maintenance and completion of APAR issued from time to time shall continue to be followed.

GOI, Dept of Per. & Trg OM No. 21011/8/85-Estt.(A), dated 23-9-1985
Para 215, 217 of Office Manual Part – l
Hqrs office letter No. AN/XIII/13128/3/Vol-XI dated 14.12.90
Hqrs office letter No AN/XIII/13128(652)Vol.XI/Amend OM-I dated 10.01.2008
Hqrs letter No. AN/VIII/0698/SAS Apprentice dated 09 05.2011
GOI. Dept of Per & Trg. OM No. 51/3/74-Estt.(A), dated 22.05.1975
DOP&T OM No.21011/1/2006-Estt. (A) dated 16.1.2006
O.M No. 51/5/72-Estt. ‘A‘ dated the 20 .05 1972
DOP&T OM. No. 12/2/84-PP dated the 17.12. 1986
DOPT OM No. 21011/1/2010-Estt.A (Pt-II) dated 14.05.2009
DOPT OM No. 21011/1/2010-Estt.A dated 13-04.2010
DOPT OM No, 21011/1/2010-Estt.A (Pt-II) dated 23.07.2009
OOPT OM No. 21011/1/2005-Estt.A {Pt-III) dated 31.01.2014

No. AN/XIII/13128/APAR/2010-1l Dated 26.05.2014


Guidelines regarding filling of APAR with numerical grading

The following guidelines shall be kept in mind while awarding numerical gradings:

i. The columns in the APAR should be filled with due care and attention and after devoting adequate time.

ii. Numerical grading are to be awarded by reporting and reviewing authorities for the quality of work output, personal attributes and functional competence of the officer reported upon. These should be on a scale of 1-10, where 1 refers to the lowest grade and 10 to the highest. The accepting authority will also give overall grade on a score of 1-10.

iii. The overall grade on a score of 1-10 will be based on 40% weightage on assessment of work output, and 30% each for assessment of personal attributes and functional competency. The overall grading will be based on addition of the mean value of each group of indicators in proportion to weightage assigned.

[i.e. Weightage Average/Overall grade 2 (40% of mean value of assessment of work output + 30% of mean value of assessment of personal attributes + 30% of mean value of assessment of functional competency)]

iv. It is expected that any grading of 1 or 2 (against work output or attributes of overall grade) would be adequately justified in the pen-picture by way of specific failures and similarly, any grade of 9 or- 10 would be justified with respect to specific accomplishments. In awarding a numerical grade, the reporting and reviewing authorities should rate the officer against a large population of his/her peers that may be currently working under them.

v. APARs graded between 8 and 10 will be rated as ‘outstanding’ and will be given a score of ‘ 9 for the purpose of calculating average scores for empanelment/promotion.

vi. APARs graded between 6 and short-of 8 will be rated as ‘very good‘ and will be given a score of 7.

vii. APARs graded between 4 and short of 6 will be rated as ‘good’ and given a score of 5.

viii. APARs graded below 4 will be given a score of zero.

Authority: DOPT OM No.21011/11/2010-Estt.A (Pt-II) dated 23.07.2009

No- AN/XIII/13128/APAR/2010-11 Dated 24.05.2014


Time schedule for preparation/completion of APAR:

(Reporting year- Financial year)

The time schedule as mentioned below may strictly be adhered to:

Sl. Activity Date by which to be completed
1 Distribution of blank APAR forms to all concerned (i.e.,to officer to be reported upon where self-appraisal has to be given and to reporting officers where self-appraisal is not to be given 31st March. (This may be completed even a week earlier).
2 Submission of self-appraisal to reporting officer by officer to be reported upon (where applicable). 15th April
3 Submission of report by reporting to reviewing officer 30th June
4 Report to be completed by Reviewing Officer and to be sent to Administration or CR Section/Cell or accepting authority , wherever provided 31st July
5 Appraisal by accepting authority, wherever provided 31st August
6 (a) Disclosure to the officer reported upon where there is no accepting authority 01st September
(b) Disclosure to the officer reported upon where there is accepting authority 15th September
7 Receipt of communication 15 days from the date of receipt of communication
8 Forwarding of representations to the competent authority 
(a) where there is no accepting authority for APAR 21st September
(b) where there is accepting authority for APAR 06th October
9. Disposal of representation by the competent authority the date of receipt of representation. Within one month from the date of receipt of representation.
10 Communication of the decision of the competent authority on the representation by the APAR Cell 15th November
11 End of entire APAR process, after which the APAR will be finally taken on record 30th November

Authority: DOPT OM No. 21011/1/2010-Estt.A(Pt-II) dated 23.07.2009 

7th Pay Commission & Employee News Center: 7TH CPC - वेतन आयोग चेयरमैन माथुर पहुंचे चम्पावत

7th Pay Commission & Employee News Center: 7TH CPC - वेतन आयोग चेयरमैन माथुर पहुंचे चम्पावत

7th Pay Commission & Employee News Center: 7 th पे कमीशन: सरकारी कर्मचारियों को तोहफा, 20000 ...

7th Pay Commission & Employee News Center: 7 th पे कमीशन: सरकारी कर्मचारियों को तोहफा, 20000 ...: नई दिल्ली। मोदी सरकार केंद्रीय कर्मचारियों को बड़ी खुशखबरी देने वाली है। एक जनवरी 2016 से उनका बेसिक वेतन 20000 रुपए से कम नहीं होगा। सात...